Welcome to our practice for children's and adolescents psychotherapy

In Germany, the treatment of children and adolescents is a special field of psychotherapy and requires a separate and compehensive training. Accordingly, only those therapists are authorized to carry out treatments that can demonstrate an appropriate approval. 

In the treatment of children and adolescents as in the treatment of adults, there are, depending on the disorder, a variety of treatment options. Therefore there's always a careful diagnosis at the beginning of any therapy. Of course, also the parents are included in the discussions. There are sometimes special conversations with the parents (possibly separate conversations) as well as conversations with the children and parents together. But most of the therapy is focussed on special sessions only for the kids. In most cases there are regular discussions in which parents are informed about the course of therapy and further action is planned.  

The formalities

The treatment of children and adolescents can usually just start after a certain waiting period, because our capacity is limited. Therefore, we kindly ask you to register on our waiting list. Once a recording is forseeable, you receive a message and we will arrange an initial meeting.  Parents of children and adolescents up to 16 years are always invited to accompany their children, but they won't be with them in all therapy steps.

If all together (therapist, parents and child) think that a therapy is useful, only a few simple formalities are needed to obtain the reimbursement by the health insurance. 

Unfortunately we can offer therapy for children and young adolescents only, when it is possible to communicate in German with the child, at least to some extend.


... We also offer therapy for adults