Procedure & cost

The process of psychotherapy

Before treatment can begin, patients with public health insurance must first undergo a "psychotherapeutic consultation". This is a first meeting with the aim of getting to know each other and assessing whether therapy is required. Up to three such sessions can take place, after which a decision is made as to whether psychotherapy is sensible and desired. After a few more trial sessions, the child and youth therapist submits an application for a specific number of sessions to the health insurance company. 

Sessions usually last approximately 50 minutes and take place once per week. The number of required appointments varies greatly. 


Who pays for children and adolescents therapy?

1. public health insurance 

The costs for children's and adolescents psychotherapy are fully covered by public health insurance in Germany, i.e. there is no deductible or personal contribution required.

2. private health insurance

Private health insurance companies also cover the costs of psychotherapy for children and adolescents. Often, however, a personal contribution has to be paid, but this depends on the individual insurance contract. 

3. self-payer

The expenses of the therapy can also be paid independent of insurance if this is desired.